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As spring blooms into full swing, so do seasonal allergies, leaving many of us reaching for over-the-counter remedies to find relief. At Carolina Integrative Wellness, your Cary Functional Medicine Clinic we believe in harnessing the power of nature to combat allergies from within, offering a holistic approach to springtime sniffles.

Natural Allergy Relief with Carolina Integrative Wellness

Prevention is key, and we recommend starting the month before allergy season hits by incorporating vitamin C into your daily regimen. Adults can benefit from 1000 mg of vitamin C twice a day, helping to fortify the immune system and minimize allergy symptoms before they start.

If symptoms arise, consider supplements like quercetin, zinc, and NAC, known for their anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties.

1,000 mg Vitamin C 2 times a day can help prepare your immune system to handle the allergen onslaught.

In addition to supplementation, consider incorporating Xlear Nasal Spray into your allergy relief arsenal. This natural saline spray helps reduce inflammation in the nasal passages, providing soothing relief from congestion and discomfort.

For a natural alternative to traditional antihistamines, explore the benefits of stinging nettle, a herbaceous plant renowned for its allergy-fighting capabilities a great way to get natural allergy relief.

If you are looking for solutions that are more targeted and strong you could consider using AllerDHQ from Xymogen. AllerDHQ™ incorporates bioflavonoids, micronutrients, proteolytic enzymes, and herbs into a comprehensive formula that provides multifaceted support for individuals with immune imbalances.

Researched Nutritionals makes HistaQuel which is another great supplement that is effective for natural allergy relief. Feel free to call the office to order directly or come and pick up a bottle at our Cary location.

By combining these natural remedies with our integrative approach to wellness, you can enjoy a spring season free from the burdens of allergies, embracing the beauty of the outdoors with ease and enjoy natural allergy relief

Allergy free Spring is possible with some prevention and great supplements.

At Carolina Integrative Wellness, we are dedicated to empowering you with the tools and resources needed to achieve optimal health and vitality naturally. Say goodbye to spring allergies and hello to a vibrant, allergy-free season with our functional and integrative approach to wellness.

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