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What is Hemealumen Therapy?

Hemealumen IV therapy is an innovative treatment designed to infuse the bloodstream with a potent blend of photonic energy, delivering wide spectrum light therapy directly to the blood over an extended period. Our state-of-the-art Hemealumen IV system utilizes multiple light sources, including high-powered UVA and UVC wavelengths, along with visible light, to optimize cellular function and promote overall wellness. This energetic photonic infusion deactivates pathogens like bacteria and viruses by damaging their DNA, hindering their ability to replicate and cause harm.

Who can benefit from Hemealumen IV Therapy?

Hemealumen IV therapy may offer a range of benefits for individuals seeking relief from chronic or acute infections, whether bacterial or viral. Patients undergoing cancer treatment may also benefit greatly from this therapy, as the UV radiation specifically targets cancer cell proteins, aiding in their breakdown. Additionally, those experiencing chronic fatigue or seeking immune system support may find profound benefits from Hemealumen IV therapy.

What are the health benefits of Hemealumen IV Therapy?

The benefits of Hemealumen IV therapy are extensive and may include:

  • Inhibition of bacterial and viral replication in the bloodstream.
  • Enhanced tissue oxygenation and cellular energy production by mitochondria.
  • Stimulation of lymphatic detoxification processes.
  • Activation of NAD+ and the immune system, facilitating the destruction of pathogens.
  • Breakdown of nagalase, a protein predominantly produced by cancer cells, thereby aiding the body’s immune response.

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